Half term part 2

So we are at the end of half term, we haven’t done anything too exciting but its been good, well other than THE worst mummy fail ever, essentially I told my 8 year old boy he could not wear deodorant because he hasn’t started his periods, in my defence I meant to say puberty. Then thee was a very very awkward 10 minute conversation about the basics of puberty with my 8 year old. I was expecting him to be traumatised by the conversation, but instead he just said “can I go on my xbox” and off he went happy as larry.

So last week I went to the docs for the results of my Vitamin D blood test results, the doctor who I had never seen before spent ages looking into my thyroid issues and I kept trying to say – I have seen a consultant recently so its ok – but he kept saying hang on a minute – it was so frustrating. Anyway I got my results and my vit d is pretty low nothing to worry about but worth trying to up it . He said that I should try and get something for Holland and Barett, but as I cant swallow, so I found a multi vit “tonic” which can go down my feeding tube and has Vit D in it. I then mentioned my increasing back pain, especially my lower back. He examined my back briefly and said he was going to write to Mr Moss and request a bone scan to check its not related to my cancer. Well that was it the shutters came down – I was pissed off – I couldn’t get away from this bloody cancer I felt penned in. Once I had left I stewed for a while then wrote the Dr a note asking him not to request the scan as I thought it was an over reaction. I don’t know if he took notice.

I wrote this on my facebook page and had lots and lots of comments asking me to have the scan and or to speak to the doctor. So I have made a double apt with a doctor that I have seen before so all should be good.

Today we took the kids to the park, it was great and a friend was there with her hubby and kids, it was a lovely atmosphere and the kids had a ball, unfortunately when we got home D became very hot with a temperature and came out in a rash – so Calpol and brufen and she was doing much better. I’m hoping she’s ok for next week as I have lots of appointments.

Other than that I have been doing ok – my jaw pain has been the same but I have managed porridge most days and manage to drink a whole bottle of chocolate milk today. Also I have left the house a few times without my scarf which is a bit of a milestone for me.

Enough rambling for tonight i’m off to bed.

#still smiling



Burger and chips with lashings of ketchup

So since my last post ive had my birthday, Im 31 it was a very anti climatic birthday. As this time last year I had a numb tongue and had no idea what was to about to happen,  then later in the year I truely wondered if I would have another birthday or if i would see one of my childrens. I felt in some way there should have been a fan fair “yayyy your alive” but I guess its not the done thing.

For my birthday G got me a galexy tab3 which im currently using by the way, hes really been great through all of this, making allowances for my tiredness, helping  me with my meds and feeds. Who knew our marriage would go through so much, him being my carer *again* (im refering to my pelvic surgery and all the problems), 9 house moves, 2 kids and 2 dogs.

Ive been trying to eat more not quite burger and chips with lashings of ketchup but I did manage to swallow the tinyist bit of a chip, yes it was aided by a swig of water. I tried to have some pasta bolognese, I spent a good ten minutes cutting up the pasta ready to eat, I had taken my pain killers in advance.  I managed probably a table spoon of food, or so I thought it turned out half was in the roof of my mouth and the rest was just a little down my throat. The end result wasnt pretty, and left me feeling really low, wondering why bother.  Its very hard seeing food you used to love, taste them and they are horrible or actually cause pain. I could really do with some help swallowing from speech and language, but it appears in on the list. 

I have my sewing mojo back and have discovered something called crazy quilts, and have started to make a quilt  I will share a few pics on my Facebook page.

Oooh I havent update on the torture tool aka the therabite, its gone to pot as my jaw pain had been bloody horrible it seems to be going up into my ear, its enough to stop me in my tracks.

Friday im off to see Mr Moss with no major panics or worries … maybe that means something

Still smiling and doing good

Before I go does anyone want to go to http://www.sewingshow.co.uk with me…..?