The expert patient

I think I've written about this previously,  but my GP actually called me this the other day. I was at the doctors, as I am almost weekly at the moment and my Doctor who I respect massively said "well it's easier when you have an *expert patient*" now, I know why he said this but… Continue reading The expert patient


Not the best start to the year,onward and upwards -I say

Post radiotherapy for tongue cancer - still battling feeding issues and needed TPN to survive. Ehlers Danlos syndrome thrown into the mix and its all off kilter. trying to smile and keep going for my children and husband it can be hard though at times.


Update 2017 – still battling on

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE Well here we are almost at the 4 year mark and we all thought it would be way behind us and we would have moved on with life but unfortunately not!   Here's what going on - we are now living near Aylesbury Buckinghamshire (sounds posh doesn't it ). The kids… Continue reading Update 2017 – still battling on


This may be brief… but its never boring…

So I came in to QE hospital Kings Lynn Wednesday afternoon it was bloody heaving so was 10 pm by the time I had my first meds, which caused an upset stomach meaning one thing in hospital........... side room getting away for 87 yr old Dorris shouts and bangs cups etc because apparently she's in… Continue reading This may be brief… but its never boring…

Cancer Stories

Cancer, realisation of diagnosis

Cancer, realisation of diagnosis. 14th Feb - for most a mushy loved up day - for me a day of realisation a day of every emotion I have ever felt - I would be laughing and crying at the same time while texting G telling him he was a bleep bleep for not being there… Continue reading Cancer, realisation of diagnosis