Im back !

Its been a long old time since I last blogged this is mainly down to feeling thoroughly rubbish - which I more recently I found out was due to having an infection. A week ago Friday I was rushed into hospital with a temp of 40.6 and I was totally out of it ! On arrival… Continue reading Im back !

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Still smiling – but with help (arm pic)

It seems like ages since I have updates – I actually think its 4 days which I guess in blog terns is quite a lot. Truth be told I have mostly slept since my last blog. I mean that literally all I seem to do is sleep, one day I went for a nap at… Continue reading Still smiling – but with help (arm pic)



So I have some amazing news. When initially diagnosed T2 N0 (tumor grade 2 /4 Nodes 0 ) but then we found the nodes and the nerves invasion ! so things were looking a bit shittier We were T2 N2 with nerve WE ARE NOW T1 N2 with nerve which was discovered by my oncologist WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO So whilst this technically doesn't… Continue reading STOP PRESS …..AMAZING NEWS


Busy morning and back to crafting :-)

So today was the day of both my dentist appointment, and G's MRI - Dentist went fine other than one lose filling which he's gonna sort out for me next week, and G's MRI was fine he fell asleep in in the tunnel !! i sware that man can sleep anywhere - for anyone who hadn't had an… Continue reading Busy morning and back to crafting 🙂