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Saved my life #223

THANK YOU isnt enough.... Mr Moss THANK YOU MR MOSS......FROM US ALL.

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Education #222

I asked some head and neck patients how they were affected socially emotionally and physically - short and longer term.

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You’re so positive….how do you do it? #220

Having a chronic illness or two it can be impossible to be positive and happy - or so you would think - this is how I see it - how I try and stay positive - how I keep smiling through pain and hard times



This have most definitely been eventful lately, where to start. Choir, well week 2 I couldn't go as I barely had a voice, I'm too sure why but at least once a week my voice goes croaky and sometimes just disappears.  Week 3 i turn up and almost instantly i regret it. Other than a… Continue reading BBQ


An Invitation

We are holding a BBQ to raise money for Macmillan and Cancer Research UK. On the 31st May 2014 from 2pm it's at our house in Marham, PE33 9PDD.  We are wanting a big doo so if you fancy it message me at Also we are looking for raffle prizes if anyone wants to donate x… Continue reading An Invitation