Welcome to my blog

Hi, I’m Stephanie, married to G and mum to K who is 13 and D who is 7. As you may have guessed I’ve had cancer. Tongue cancer.

This is a particularly cruel cancer, it had take so much from me, the treatment as you will read wad horrific, I had half my tongue removed and a skin flap from my arm used to cover the wound, then skin grafts on the donor site. Then I had 35 sessions of radiotherapy, and it was a mad mad journey with highs and lows … the lows were very low. I had severe burns externally and internally.
So much about me and my life and have changed forever I look different, my speech is effected (I speak with a slur, in a very deep husky voice, not good for phone calls). I have CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) in my arm where they took the flap, my jaw dislocates regularly, I have neck pan and stiffness and I have a PEG feeding tube. This is all along side my other longstanding medical issues –
BUT I always try and see the silver lining and to have a giggle – I’m sarcastic, I can be moody but I always feel soo much better after blogging – its like therapy for me.
I hope that you can find some helpful information about my medical journeys and family life.
Please please do message me – I love to hear from everyone.

Thank you for reading please share my blog – I want to reach as many people as possible.