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Thursday. Friday

So G came in early today to bring in some clothes and feed, oh and to see me. Unfortunately I was green around gills having had a 'orrible night. The ward was really busy this morning so I hadn't had my anti sickness tablets. So poor G ended up passing me bowls. But saying that… Continue reading Thursday. Friday

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So I will start with the biopsy that never was. A very lovely friend offered to take me to my appointment all the way in Peterborough, we experianced what can only be described as the blue badge brigades war dance prior to getting a space, fyi I have a badge because of my dicky legs.… Continue reading Biopsy?

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Post Surgery …

So i went to physio today, last time a week and a bit ago she had mentioned she had come 'cool stuff for scars'. So i turn up today, i sit on the chair and she goes to get the 'cool stuff' 2 pots of gloop one illuminus green and one white, she scoops out… Continue reading Post Surgery …