Doing what we can…. 3d printing faceshields for Keyworkers.

First I’m okay, I lost my writing bug again and just couldn’t find the words…will do update on me this week.


I feel incredibly lucky to be in the position to help, I’ve always had a pay it forward attitude, little things usually like £10 towards someone’s drive through. But this is a military operation… you all know me and G have 3d printers he makes stuff like this…

Bit we are now making these……

By Monday the 26th April we will have sent out 500 shields. I wish we could do more if I’m honest but for now this is what we can do.

The most humbling thing to happen was a hospice calling and asking for 50…no problems we said….and explained it would be monday, this was 3 days away. The person on the call was relaying what we said to someone else that person said *Monday would probably be too late* oh my goodness! I immediately said ” you WILL have some today..” We chopped and changed everything and my husband delivered 20 or so within 2 hours. The rest go tomorrow morning. I mean it wasnt an option to ko help.

Right signing off ….stay safe everyone.

Anyone wanting to donate towards costs of raw materials please let me know x

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