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Drink driving…..

So last week I was driving home from school run, I need petrol so I pulled in to the petrol station in my local town. I parked really close to the door of the shop so for a change I decided to NOT use my crutches – I have no idea why – I just wanted to give it a go. I was unsteady but not all over the place

Within a few with my steps a woman came up to me and said
“have you been drinking?
Now i didn’t do myself any favours with my initial reply – I laughed!! I actually a laughed! – because to me it was ludicrous – but she was serious – so I composed myself –
“No I have a disability and walking is an issue”,
well your all over the place” she snarled
cheers I thought, but I bit my tongue (figuratively lol) I pressed the unlock button on my car which was 3 feet away and said
“just look there is my walking sticks”
she glanced over. did a slight nod and..nothing, she walked back to her car and left me hanging !!
I was expecting at very least an “Okay – sorry” – or “my mistake I hope you understand why” ..don’t get me wrong I get why she did it but if you are mistaken, which can happen any human at that point *I’m sorry I made a mistake but I hope you understand why I questioned it*
I would have been so understanding , its not like I don’t know my walking is as wonky as my smile.
I was gobsmacked and then just started laughing, what happened so funny.

It did get me thinking though, in theory if someone said that they thought I’ve been drinking?!? or worse on drugs !! I’d like to have something to show them – pre-prepaired

I probably have to say that I have a speech impediment too cause can you imagine me getting pulled over and having to do a sobriety test !!!
walk in a straight line ! Stand on one leg!!
with my speech i have a lisp and when tired even i think i sound drunk !!
can you imagine!

Maybe I’m missing a trick here – making *ID* type cards that have essential medical information on. I think it could really help people who have speech impairment maybe NHS number for appointments or your medication list or allergies. It might just take pressure off you have a speech issues .

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