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I broke my Pelvis !

Nope this is’nt click bait – here’s the story of what happened to my pelvis

When i was expecting my son in 2005 I had to have weekly physiotherapy from 19-20 weeks pregnant, for SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction)also it was known, or PGP (pelvic girdle) pain as its now known ,but there was no real improvement.

Within weeks I was on crutches and or in bed with pain so severe that I hallucinated on several occasions. I was also hospitalised for pain relief injections and a bit of TLC.

It was agreed with my consultant that on the 6th of September I was to have a C-section and my son K was delivered he was fit and healthy.

I was promised that my SPD would clear either straight away or within 6 weeks. Well it was a rocky road. I got a severe infection and my Cesarean wound partially opened. Then I tested positive for MRSA and was advised not to continue breast feeding my baby, it was such a blow,. Plus I couldn’t walk properly, I would crawl or use my crutches. In the November following K birth I had what I suppose could be called a breakdown a new baby the infections and the constant pain, and the difficulties getting around was too much at, thankfully G was there to help and he had to help A LOT.

April 2007 we moved to a place near Oxford, where I was referred to the Nuffield Orthopedic Hospital. It was confirmed I wasn’t getting any better, I needed surgery. After what felt like hundreds of tests appointments, me using a wheelchair or sticks full-time, the day finally came.

28th of March 2007, almost 2 years after the start of my ordeal, I was wheeled into theatre and had my synthesis pubis metal plated back together. 2 plates 6-8 screws, a failed epidural and a morphine overdose it was done.
I was home and in pain but i was improving slowly, I just wish more doctors and specialists were out these. I know of dozens of ladies who have had this.

Well the operation was not without its problems, in the July I was lying on bed at home resting and leaned over to get a book and I wound burst open!! I have never seen so much blood and simply when into shock – we had my sister staying and her friend both of whom were a big help and one of them ran to a neighbors house who is a registered nurse and screamed we need you we need you –

So Julie the nurse turned up all gowned and glove and the first thing she did was tell my husband to call an ambulance “NOW” he did and she applied pressure to the wound to try and stop the bleeding. I was in and out of consciousness and don’t remember much, I was rushed by ambulance to the John Radcliffe hospital where I received emergency treatment and was admitted the Bone infection unit at the Nuffield orthopedic Hospital,

My wound reopened and I was diagnosed with a infection (MRSA) and told that the wound had broken down – I was in the Nuffield for 2 weeks or more – as the wound was so bad we could not keep up to date with dressings and we used a “colostomy bag” to collect the “gunk” from the wound which was emptied 2-3 time a day for weeks and  weeks and then I had to have the wound packed. This lovely job fell to my husband!

During this period I was seen by a physio who examined me and noticed that my right foot was slightly turned in and was very week – when she asked me about this I said I thought I was because if the pelvis operation and that I was only really bad sometimes and that as I used crutches and a walker full time it would be ok!

She referred me to neurology who did a battery of test all the time I was slowly deteriorating and my bad days would be worse with pains in my back legs and feet!  So much so that just a week ago I lost all bladder control and feeling below the knee!! I was then told i had a subarachnoid spinal cyst and a tethering on my spinal cord and that this may need surgery. but thats another story!

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