Humpty dumpty…

Hello everyone thank you for finding my blog if you’re new here I’m Stephanie I have ehlers-danlos syndrome and and I’ve got a history of tongue cancer which was treated successfully but unfortunately left me with several legacies I have a feeding tube and I have have issues swallowing speaking I have a funky sounding husky voice that said I haven’t got cancer so every cloud….right?!!!

A few weeks ago, I was a Tuesday I was being very organised and we’re looking at changing the children’s bedrooms around the bed took some photos of things I was selling I’ll put them on Facebook and all that malarkey….


I woke up.. at the bottom of the stairs and I hurt I have bad I quickly realised that I’ve fallen down the stairs so try to stand up up that doesn’t work, so I ended up crawling to the kitchen because there was a chair in the kitchen for some reason I sat on the chair and text my husband…

don’t suppose you’re free are you just popped home for 5 minutes

He he didn’t answer particularly quickly so I decided to call him and just say can you put home very calm and collected. He was here within minutes and had one look at me and said we are going to A n E… apparently I had a massive egg on my eyebrow and lump on my cheek and the side of my face was very very swollen. I refused and suggested we’ll go to the GP and we get there and I seen so quickly. And they were awesome…but by this time I was acting odd and wasnt making mmuch sence..weirdly I remember very llittle about this. They decided an ambulance was needed to take me to the hospital.

Now I dont Remember going to the hospital by ambulance or the actual arriving…just bits and Bob’s….I was super tired though…. sooooo tired. After 24 hours on a trolley (not a bed a hard trolley) in a corridor I was taken to ward 2 and they were great.

I had scans and xrays but all was well just briusing lots of pulled/strained muscles and a banband fed up face…. it seriously looks like I’ve aasked a 5 year old to do some winged eyeliner and a cut crease….. heres some pictures over the last few days…

Look how swollen my face was….. I look like a hamstar after a big meal lol

Then the bruising kept growing lol

But I’m home and hubby is home this week too as I’m still a bit out of it….forgetting words and being clumsy…apparently its concussion.

I’m such a tit…. I probably tripped over thin air lol

I’m so so lucky to have such great health care I remember in particular a nurse who was so so kind, she was holding various cold packs on my head and practically hugging me. Shes such a beautiful person.

Any who I’m much better (the concussion took it’s time to pass but I’m back)


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