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Balanced Life Program Nuffield Orthopaedic Hospital for Patients with Chronic Pain.

Balance Life Programme – Nuffield Orthopaedic Hospital Oxford- this is a 3 week course – you attend Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays 


*Balanced life programme* an intensive physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and psychology course. Aimed at helping patients maximise what they can do within their capabilities and disability or illness. Due to it being so intensive nature I will be staying in a BnB Wednesday to Friday each week.

I plan to blog my days good and bad to give a real look at the programme.

Wish me luck.

Week One Day One 

This is my honest opinions and view of the course (disclaimer everyone had different opinions and takes different things form the course my opinions are simply that – opinions)

Getting there…. We live 45 mins to an hour away which would make it unmanageable for me so the hospital has an arrangement with a local B n B – The Mulberry Guest House – as check in was midday we dropped my bags off. I take my own pillows and then there’s all my meds, being liquids there is a lot to carry.

10 am Introduction 

We all walk down the ridiculously and ironically long corridor to the physio department where we sit in the waiting room and make small talk. We are then shown to the
course room, where we find a semicircle of chair to sit on, the physio explains that we can sit / stand / move which ever works.


We all inevitably look at each other sussing each other out – there’s the quiet ones – the bloke who makes the dry jokes (we get on funnily enough),  the massively positive people and those who are there not hoping for much ….me?  I’m not sure where I am at this stage.

The first session is general intros etc and most importantly our coffee order is taken!
10.45-11.15 coffee break.

11.15 – Introduction to exercise

(We moved to some chair in the gym)– we talk about expectations, thoughts and feeling relating to starting exercise in the gym. The talk brings up words like “worry/fear/anxiety etc” and one or two say determined and excited – but the overwhelming wave is anxiety / fear of pain related.

We are then asked to do some leg extensions (sitting in chair – feet on the floor – bring
leg up to straight and back down). Well this I CAN do.

The physio then announces we have done some exercise in the gym and we all survived! she wasn’t wrong … The next task was to see how many times we could do Sit- stands (i.e. stand up from chair no hands), she says if need be we can use a plinth …. I sit there thinking like THE stupidest person on the planet – what the fek is a plinth and do I need one ????? so I ask.. apparently, it’s a bed …in physio talk….

Well of course I can?… stand up and sit down … easy peezy …..
Not a single one, I try … and try again…. And start giggling like a right twit, making grunting noises like a hippo birthing a beachball! Turns out I need a fekking PLINTH after all.

12.00 to 12.30 Introduction to Gym

We are shown how to use the equipment including the recumbent bicycle the stretchy bands and the wobble boards. Wobble boards – I didn’t have high hopes for this to start with but as I’m walking over the male physio (Mr Blue eyes) says,  “lets go for the easy one” GREAT START lol. So he shows me the board, it’s a square board that can either wobble left and right or back to front depending on the orientation.

We start from left to right and what a EPIC fail….. oh my God – seriously it was funny how shit I was – my misfiring muscles in the legs caused me to have, what looked like seizure like activity in my legs. II wasn’t holding on to the bars for dear life I would have been on my arse lol. That said when we turned it to rock backwards and forwards it was much easier and even appeared in control of the situation. Both of these probably took less than 5 minutes total yet once finished my legs were like jelly – I was exhausted – mentally I found this quite hard to process as ..come on 5 minutes of standing up !! and I was done …. But hey it’s a baby step right??


We finish off with a meditation – mindfulness meditation which I think I will talk about next time – its not something that I ever rated or even considered to be anything other than baloney, so this has its own challenges. BUT I am trying to be open minded and give this a real go – so here goes nothing. 


I get the buss back to my BnB where the lovely owners have put my bags in my room, I get in – video call the kids and G, set up the iPad to watch something then wake up at 9 pm….. so
I have some meds and a yoghurt and go to bed ready for day 2!

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