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We went to LONDON with hubby kids and my best friend for an amazing day….. London Aquarium followed by The London Eye.. huge thank you to Mum and Dad for paying for this……

From my Facebook page..With us is my BEST FRIEND Laura … I met a friend via a mummy and baby forum if I recall about 7 years ago ….. and we have been chatting and texting almost every day since…. she was the first to read my blog and my last text at night. Soon I called her my best friend…… I’m meeting her for THE FIRST TIME this weekend…. yup she’s on her way….. all to celebrate my 5 years post treatment milestone….. she’s staying the weekend and I’m sooo excited…. LAURA loves ya babes.

Sea Life and the Lost Phone

BIT LONG BUT WORTH A READ … So I lost her phone at Sea Life Centre london, on a mad busy day….. No signal to find her phone all the way through the Sealife Centre which is bloody HUGE …

As soon as we left we used the find my phone app on Gary’s phone to track it to a nearby park.

Cue Gary and Kieran running 150 meters (past the London eye) to Jubilee Gardens. Once there they refreshed the location, it was still in the Jubilee Gardens, using the ring function AND the tracker they knew he was being tracked and they knew they were being tracked. A man was seen running and throwing a phone into a bin… (It was still ringing) when a man picked it up and answered our frantic calls. My son was getting close with the app and then we heard ITS HER ITS HER…. MUM DAD ITS HERE……we raced over and were handed my phone!….Boom!!

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