Summer Holidays

Well its 2 weeks since we started our ‘plan’ of night feeds etc, it’s going ok as long as I’m taking my anti sickness, so could be worse. I’ve not managed much in the way of mls, and 1ml is 1 calorie, here’s an example of a few days feed, 450mls 600 mls 320mls and 0mls as I forgot to put it on.  Also I’m supposed to have 2 to 3 of these a day on top of my night feed to attempt to bring me up to 1700 or 1800 calories a day … anyway it is what they are




Truth be told, I rarely manage the top ups, due to my almost instant nausea and sickness.  So some days I’m living on 600 calories which is shite. I try to add more but I’m having severe pain as soon as I start eating, doesn’t really make you want to carry on trying to eat, thankfully it’s not every single time by at least 75%.

But the good news is my GP who incidentally is great, says this mouth pain could in theory be down to my hypothyroid, and or my vitamin and mineral deficiencies etc. So hopefully as soon as they all are back up to a healthy level we should be in a much better place. My GP is even trying to find an injectable iron supplement, as the tablets etc don’t agree with me.

In other news I’m doing pretty well, at the moment,  which is a bonus especially as we have just started the summer holidays, which usually fills me with fear and dread, but as the kids get older it seems to be easier.
My poor K thought as soon as the holidays started everyone was out playing all the time?! He got himself all upset on day one and two when no one was around, so I’ve given him a project,  to fill this


He can fill it with pictures, stories, descriptions of what we have been up to, anything really and it’s a nice thing for him to do in the evening once the Tasmanian devil aka D is in bed. We have a few other bits up my sleeve to keep him occupied,  I will be sure to keep you in the loop.

Don’t forget I have a new blog which in time I will be filtering over to


Still smiling Mwah !!!!


I hope that by writing this blog I can help others in similar situations take comfort in the fact that they are not alone. Please help me reach more people with my blog by sharing my posts on Twitter and Facebook. If you would like to follow my story, please sign up to the mailing list so that you can be notified as my blog is updated. Should you wish to get in touch please feel free to use the ‘Contact Me’ page to fill in your details and I will respond to you as soon I am able. Thank you, Stephanie x

1 thought on “Summer Holidays”

  1. at least with PEG type tubes you can’t throw them up as well as the feed/ fortisip!
    if they worried about your calorie intake have you tried something like nutrison energy or concentrated feed? its pretty much the same feed stuff but the energy is 1.5kcals per mil and the nutrison concentrated is 2.0 per mil
    gentle hugs xx


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