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I’m at my wit’s end, I’m almost 12 months post radiotherapy and 14 most post surgery (half tongue removed and reconstructed with free flap forearm).

I keep having blips, here’s a few:

– Auto immune reaction in mouth causing extensive ulceration.
– Sickness returning on and off
– I STILL  have my peg
– My oral food intake is extremely limited ie scrambled egg, beans, sweet potato, cauliflower, bread sauce, Weetabix, kings mill muffins,  1 brand of pizza. Ice cream.
– Cellulitis which turned into septicaemia.
– Thyroid problems and we are struggling to get my levels right
– Thyroiditis aka Hashimoto’s

Currently my mouth is extremely sore, my cheeks are bleeding after every time i brush my teeth as is my “new tongue”.  Almost every time I try to eat I get a burning sensation which is so severe I can’t even cry. My jaw is so so sore at the joints and has even partially dislocated a few times in the past few weeks.

I have only eaten Weetabix and a few bowls of ice cream all week.
I’m feeling desperate and like I’ve gone backwards so so much. Arggggghhh.

Falsey smiles atm.

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