Smiling and Laughing

Well I have nearly finished my antibiotics from the hospital, and I’m feeling much much brighter. On leaving the hospital Daisy thanked my doctor “thank you, my mummy” I nearly cried it was adorable.  I had so many well wishes whilst I was it really made me  smile.

We had tickets booked to see Russell Howard, G had booked them for use whilst I was still having treatment, so I had something to look forward to. Any wow it was amazing.  A very good friend had offered to have both D and K over night so we could go to Nottingham arena.

He was brilliant sooo so funny.  And it was so nice we were like teenagers laughing at rude jokes lol.

We were home really late it was like 2am and after some pain meds I slept like a log.

There’s something going around on Facebook atm its to post a pic of yourself with no makeup on to raise awareness of cancer. So I posted this….


It’s been shared loads of times on Facebook and I would love it to be shared more.

Oh and good news I managed some soft squidgy bread with lots of butter and pâté it was amazing.

Still smiling loving life

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