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Thursday. Friday

So G came in early today to bring in some clothes and feed, oh and to see me. Unfortunately I was green around gills having had a ‘orrible night. The ward was really busy this morning so I hadn’t had my anti sickness tablets. So poor G ended up passing me bowls. But saying that they’ve changed my antibiotics slightly to help prevent the sickness and ‘other’ side effects.

G was here when the doctors came… they arrive in a little group…..perhaps its a gaggle of doctors or posse perhaps. Theres big
boss doctors who’s name I will never recall, there’s then tall doc with checked shirts and lady doc, she seems to be the one doing all the writing etc. My theory is her writing is the only one that’s readable lol.

Anyways the docs said as I’m struggling to keep my antibiotics down and still have an upset tum I need to stay put till Monday.  Although right this min I am feeling not too bad, but,  I’m due my antibiotics and that’s what sets off the sickness.  oh and I am IV fluids and medicine free now but look at this.



I’m also being seen by the dentist bloke, a tall slim doc with black rim “nerd” style glasses (only meant as description rather than observation on personality). I’ve been seeing them mainly as they think my arm tongue is very cool but also because my mouth started filling with sores again. So tall doc and his boss doc (who seems really nice incidentally) come to see me today, they did the usual poking and prodding and wished me well for going home soon. My nurse was in here and said well she has to shes got plans….. I told them I was seeing russle howard in Nottingham so must be well. Then out of nowhere tall/nerd doc says

“Do you find him attractive. “

meaning Russel Howard, it was so clinical the way he said it I blurted No (thinking, oh god why did he ask) in fairness I don’t think I would kick Russel Howard out of bed for farting but that’s for another day.

So off go the doctors and I’m left alone, again looking at this. Dank room with 2 windows with what looks like shower curtains as coverage.


I wondered if anyone uses Viber? It’s an app for both android and iPhones which uses wi-fi for calls txt and pictures… I’ve only just discovered it, my sister is using it in france so we can keep in touch.

I’ve been having visits from my nutritionist lady, she’s really sweet and teeeny tiny as I guess most nutritionist would be…any ways I’ve been allowed to try som yoghurt and custards etc, so far so good although the “little stars” yoghurt are too sharp and I’m not managing them. I’ve been weighed while I’m here and wowsers in 10st 6……. its mental, I’m the only one who seems happy about this, mum and Dr’s not too happy but lets face it I’m not wasting away lol. From my very heaviest I’m now

8 stone lighter

high 5 to my silver lining.

Well I babbled on enough for now I’m going to try to watch a DVD on my laptop as its soooooo boring although my nurse keeps me smiling and the HCA’s are great too… here’s my nurse xx


This was at the end of a 12 hour shift and still smiling.

Smiles are contagious and make the world go round, share a smile.

I’m still smiling! !!!


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4 thoughts on “Thursday. Friday”

  1. Glad to hear you’re improving – your neck looks tons better.
    Your comment about the smiling reminded me of this so I thought I’d share it

    Luv’n’hugs xox

    A Smile is a Funny Thing
    (sung to “Auld Lang Syne”)

    A smile is quite a funny thing
    It wrinkles up your face
    And when it’s gone, you’ll never find
    Its secret hiding place
    But far more wonderful it is
    To see what smiles can do
    You smile at one, she smiles at you
    And so one smile makes two


  2. I’m so glad you are now getting to go home – and I wouldn’t kick Russell Howard out of bed either 😉 !! Your bruises are so colourful, but I’ll pass on getting some the same! Hopefully once you get home thongs might stabilise a bit better and you’ll begin to feel a bit like your normal self again xx


  3. I am your nurses’ dad and not only proud but also confident that she will help you get better. she is always smiling! Take care


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