This may be brief… but its never boring…

So I came in to QE hospital Kings Lynn Wednesday afternoon it was bloody heaving so was 10 pm by the time I had my first meds, which caused an upset stomach meaning one thing in hospital……….. side room getting away for 87 yr old Dorris shouts and bangs cups etc because apparently she’s in the wrong bed or Edna opposite who shouts  at Dorris making her all the more volatile all ….at…..3…am.

So Friday night I take a turn for the worse feeling jittery hot cold and generally terrible my wonderful nurse was the mutt’s nuts she made me feel extremely secure when I had been scared as I was on the mend other than trying to avoid refeeding syndrome so my pegs on a really low 25mls per hour.

So today… I had a few odd questions asked who’s in your home, who else stays there…..I answered n they seemed happy. Then some asked in anyone at home was sick PANIC PANIC PANIC  why what have I got have I made my children ill. Then nothing till I call G who says I’m downstairs. …. I was confused public health call him and told him I had a Group A invasive strep infection in my blood.  http://www.hpa.org.uk/topics/infectiousdiseases/infectionsaz/streptococcigroupa/frequentlyaskedquestions/

And ask him to come in for some antibiotics thankfully just for Daisy as she had an infection recently.

So I hear all this but haven’t actually been told anything and I looooooooose it I go crazy. How dare public health tell him before me…… I off the back of crazy mumma had a doctor explains things to me…

Thankfully I’ve not felt too bad this afternoon so haven’t concentrated too much on that. Especially thank you to my lovely Portuguese nurses.

Positives cellulitis has almost gone and my house now stinks of bleach

Course I’m still smiling

I hope that by writing this blog I can help others in similar situations take comfort in the fact that they are not alone. Please help me reach more people with my blog by sharing my posts on Twitter and Facebook. If you would like to follow my story, please sign up to the mailing list so that you can be notified as my blog is updated. Should you wish to get in touch please feel free to use the ‘Contact Me’ page to fill in your details and I will respond to you as soon I am able. Thank you, Stephanie x

3 thoughts on “This may be brief… but its never boring…”

  1. Guess what I arrive at home and the first thing I do is found you blog 🙂 thank you for “my lovely portugueses nurses” we try to do our best and all the strong women like you deserve the best!you will see everything will be ok keep smiling like that and all the time positive thinking because they give you the strenght to carry on! I will return to see you here 🙂


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