Yoga ???!?

Its been a while since I’ve posted and I’m happy to say its because I’ve been doing stuff rather than just sleeping.

I saw a little ad on the community Facebook page about yoga, which is something I have always fancied but given my broken body I thought it best to message the lady who was running the class, (who is the nicest person ever, ) to check that it was ok for me to come and to see if I would be able to do anything, thankfully it was green lights all the way. Because I have my irrational fear of walking into a room with lots of people, I arrived early, even before the instructor, when she arrived she saw my crutches and said you must be Stephanie, welcome. All my nerves were gone and as soon as the class started and I was able to adapt moves or leave them out completely without any problems.  It was great it really was, I can’t wait to go again. I did ache the next day but it was a good ache, it wasn’t normal aches and pains it was just a reminder that I had been active.

My little D had been poorly this week with achy joints mainly her knees hips and feet, she’s seen a doc but we are still non the wiser. It could be a virus or growing pains, or something all together different but she’s not mentioned it as much the past few days.

K has had a hard time too this past week as he’s been getting grief from a few boys at school. Que crazy mummy going down to the school.  I just hope they sort it. As I was very clear that I wasn’t going to let this happen.

I had an appointment with my urologist this week, you might remember me mentioning her before, she’s one of the nicest women I know and has always been very kind to me. Unfortunately as a result of my appointment I am booked in to have a procedure in the next few weeks. I have had it before and it bloody hurt but I’m not going to have a GA as the risks are higher now so I will just have to man up and get on with it.

I saw my GP this week for a repeat prescription and he asked me if I had changed my mind about the bone scan, I cried then said I would have it if he really thought it was necessary. I ex67777pplained how hard it was for me that everything seems to come back to cancer, that its like a rope around my neck that loosens enough to let me relax then BOOM its tightening again.

I will still keep my other appointment so I can request some counselling as my Macmillan nurse was going to help me with that before I was dumped.

Yesterday my sister started a new chapter in her life. She had a very good job in london for a big company. She then decided that she needed to do some more travelling, so quit her job and has moved to france to work on super yachts owned by millionaires. It means she could be anywhere in the world. In my opinion I think she will return with a millionaire husband or at very least a boyfriend. I think if she’s got the balls to do this then she deserves all the luck in the world.

Right that’s me finished 2.47am I need sleep if Gs snoring will allow.

Nunight…. #still smiling

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2 thoughts on “Yoga ???!?”

  1. Wow! There is so much in there! So glad you enjoyed your yoga and are going back, and I think you are right about the counselling. I still can’t believe you were ‘let go’ so ceremonially!
    I hope little D is okay and you get something sorted with K at school. Stamp your feet hard, but I know you will 😉
    Amazing news about your sister! Hope she has a great time in France and tells you loads of stories!!


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