Half term part 2

So we are at the end of half term, we haven’t done anything too exciting but its been good, well other than THE worst mummy fail ever, essentially I told my 8 year old boy he could not wear deodorant because he hasn’t started his periods, in my defence I meant to say puberty. Then thee was a very very awkward 10 minute conversation about the basics of puberty with my 8 year old. I was expecting him to be traumatised by the conversation, but instead he just said “can I go on my xbox” and off he went happy as larry.

So last week I went to the docs for the results of my Vitamin D blood test results, the doctor who I had never seen before spent ages looking into my thyroid issues and I kept trying to say – I have seen a consultant recently so its ok – but he kept saying hang on a minute – it was so frustrating. Anyway I got my results and my vit d is pretty low nothing to worry about but worth trying to up it . He said that I should try and get something for Holland and Barett, but as I cant swallow, so I found a multi vit “tonic” which can go down my feeding tube and has Vit D in it. I then mentioned my increasing back pain, especially my lower back. He examined my back briefly and said he was going to write to Mr Moss and request a bone scan to check its not related to my cancer. Well that was it the shutters came down – I was pissed off – I couldn’t get away from this bloody cancer I felt penned in. Once I had left I stewed for a while then wrote the Dr a note asking him not to request the scan as I thought it was an over reaction. I don’t know if he took notice.

I wrote this on my facebook page and had lots and lots of comments asking me to have the scan and or to speak to the doctor. So I have made a double apt with a doctor that I have seen before so all should be good.

Today we took the kids to the park, it was great and a friend was there with her hubby and kids, it was a lovely atmosphere and the kids had a ball, unfortunately when we got home D became very hot with a temperature and came out in a rash – so Calpol and brufen and she was doing much better. I’m hoping she’s ok for next week as I have lots of appointments.

Other than that I have been doing ok – my jaw pain has been the same but I have managed porridge most days and manage to drink a whole bottle of chocolate milk today. Also I have left the house a few times without my scarf which is a bit of a milestone for me.

Enough rambling for tonight i’m off to bed.

#still smiling


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