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Hello, hope everyone is safe and tucked up inside away from the storms.

So Wednesday I went to see the boss, G drove me after what happened last time. We get there just on time, I go in ahead of G while he parks the car.

I was called to get weighed first and it looks like my weight has finally settled, although in my head I have a fair bit to loose but would have no idea how to go about it with my alreadt limited diet. Moving on, we are called in by a registrar of Mr Moss’ I haven’t met him before but he seemed really nice. We did the usual how are you bla bla bla he has a feel of ny neck. He then gets the boss who’s first words are porridge woohoo. He examines me and suggests I take something for the nerve pains I’ve been having in my jaw.

He then mentions my Baat was not too concerned about a nodule,  well that was bloody news to me but does explain the new appointment I got the other day. Either way a good appointment, I didn’t manage to see speech therapy or nutritionist but I think I have an appointment soon with my new nutritionist.   

I can’t remember if I had mentioned this already but Macmillan have cut all ties…. what happened was I had a phone call from my new Macmillan nurse who I haven’t met but had one previous short call with. Anyway she said as I’m not palliative that Macmillan can no longer see/help me, and that all care should go through my GP. Which is fine but I felt really abandoned, and like it was a kick in the guts.   Now its not like I have asked for anything or called them etc. I guess its another support string cut, so time to suck it up and move on.

On thursday I had a letter come through from the GP  “please come in to discuss your recent results” well that’s never good news is it, the only recent test was my Vit D so I’m guessing its that. I’m off to see them Tuesday. 

We are doing ok at the moment,  I’m even cinsidering going swimming with kieran in the week. Not sure if it will happen but I’m sure we will find something to do.

Well I’m currently laying in bed listening to a hurricane outside, I can hear the roof tiles moving so I dread to think what we will find tomorrow. 

Well I must try and get some sleep.

Still smiling and thinking of my poorly relative who’s back in hospital. 

Stay safe. X