Huge step forward

Our plan was to pop into kings lynn today,  initially just to get dog food and a few bits from Tesco.  But when I was showering I was cleaning my peg site and it went pop and bled quite badly. So we got an appointment with the out of hours doctors for some anti biotics, we had to pick them up at sainsburys. I was just going to pop in and out but they had a sale on… so we ended up getting a talking mr tumble and some star wars angry birds thingi. We then ventured into the sale part of the clothing and I got a lovely sweater and some undies which actually fit now I’ve lost all my weight.  We then went to curries to get a blender, we ended up getting a condenser tumble dryer  aswell… we asked about military discount which they didn’t do, I then asked about just getting a discount because I’m me… that was a flat no but it doesn’t harm to ask lol.

We then took the kids to pizza hut and I decided that I was going to try the lasagne.. I have no idea why, so everyone ordered and we were given salad bowls.  I decided I would try the taste of a few things

Colslaw, cheesey sweet corn pasta and cous cous. I managed 5 peices of the pasta a mouth full of the cous cous but I had to spit it out it was too spicy for me, and then a tiny bit of colslaw.

I was sooooo pleased with myself.

Then came the main.. it was huge

But I was determined. .. I had tiny tiny bites and was doing well I did have to was the meat down with water as it was stuck in my mouth and I couldn’t swallow it. This is how I did


So we celebrated with a pudding

My favourite food in the world.   And look

I did so bloody well and I really hope this is me turning the corner. I realise I can’t live in 5 peices of pasta, a bit of a lasagne,  and a hot cookie with ice cream. Just a quick mention to the wonderful watress at pizza hut kings lynn who was realky struck by my story and hopefully will find my blog. Xx

It made me think …. 9 months ago I was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue, I went on to have half my tongue removed and it rebuilt with a flap from my arm. I then had 30 grueling sessions of radiotherapy.  But I made it through and hopefully I’m on the up. I have everything crossed for my thyroid biopsy but either way I have lots of ‘virtual’ support, so can do any thing.

Still smiling
Lots of love mwah xxxx

Still smiling. 

3 thoughts on “Huge step forward”

  1. Wow! Go Steph! I hope you slept well last night!! Really does sound like you have turned a corner and I’m chuffed you had such a good day yesterday.


  2. Well done – perhaps you need to keep cookies in the house to warm & serve with ice cream more often – it’s a good excuse anyway 😉
    Love & big squeezy virtual hugs xox ❤ xox


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