So I had my repeat fluoroscopy swallow test, the actual test was fine itd self swallowing some barium I think it was called, firstly I had to swallow  a watery substance and then a thicker liquid and then an angel delight type thing.. and lastly a bit of chocolate roll covered in the angel delight mmmmmmmm lol ovrrall I thought I had done well. I sat in a waiting room for a while, while they tidied up. I was then taken to the dvd room so they could show me my dvd, to help explain whats doing on… well firstly I noticed 20 or more of those metal clips still in my neck ewwww. Anyway the video showex with each swallow I pocket some of the fluid in a lityle pocket like structure at the back of my tongue and I also have a small amount go down the wrong hole aka aspirating. I got my swallow advice sheet saying thickened liquids and yogherts and cough after ea h swallow to chear anything thats gone the wrong way. My thoughts boring……

I then had a few hours to kill so off I went to the macmillan for a chat and a cry….

My next appt was with mr baht, well his registrar a lady whos name I do not recall, anyways it was about my giant thyroid lump on the right of my neck, we did the usual history, the felt my neck with lots of car mechanic type noises I was expecting her to suck air through her front teeth lol. Instead she put a camera up my nose and down my throat, without anastetic which will never happen again. So she said we neex to book you in for an urgent biopsy… I immediatly said so is it back, she took a min to answer, a secondary is a possibility we are looking at…. so a nurse walked me out and made the appointment with me, I said to her, the only reason you have a nurse in with a consultant appt and then she makes an appt with you is if its serious right? She jut shuffled and said well im just nice.

I was shatted and still had to drive home so I bought some ribena and some chocolate to suck on …. the weather was aweful but needs must, I was doing ok but there was a lot of traffic I was 20 minutes from home and I fell asleep at the wheel I veered off the road up a grass verge, thankfully I didn’t veer into the traffic, no one was hurt but I was very shaken up, I pulled ovrr at the next place I could and got out of the car into the cold cold air to wake me up. I then made it home ok, and g was waiting with a cuddle.

I had a call from macmillan we chatted as my amazing mac nurse jane has disappeared, I told her about falling asleep and she is going to try and get me transport. Although since a lovely friend had offered to drive and stay with me which is great.

Im feeling ok , tired but ok, G is being amazing and the kids are great, especially K who got another achievment award for doing so well with a homework project.

Anyway im signing off lots of love and smiles. Mwah xxx

2 thoughts on “Frustration”

  1. How soon is your biopsy appointment hun? Fingers, toes and everything else crossed for the all-clear. xx


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