Meeting new people

So I have met my new SALT lady and im seeing her again tomorrow,  my first impressions we not, well….. well they could have been better. I couldnt find their office, eventually I found them and was then walked to a small freezing room so we could “talk” . She asked how I was doing and seemed dissapointed when I answered.. she asked me to swallow some water which I coughed on, she then said lets do it the American way, “swallow hard swallow fast” and we then tried that and I spat water across the room. She kept saying hard and fast…. how I didnt laugh out loud I do not know.

Ive been having issues sleeping,  firstl caused by pain then brain ache,  which I have mentioned to my gp whos upped one of my meds so we shall see if that works.

Today I met a lovely woman, she was in the thrift shop but was on her way to mine to try on a coat that I am getting rid of unfortu her ample boobage prevented her from doing up the coat. Anyways she was called E and she told me she had read my blog, she was so so supportive and positive.  She was such a lovely lady I think we will stay in touch.

Oh I forgot to say when I was at the doctors I had 2 blood tests one before I saw the doc that was for my thyroid and one after lol….. so the doc upped my pregablin at night and after chatting and me bursting into tears she ordered another blood test, this time for Vit D, as I spent so much of last year in bed.

She also suggested swimming which I 100% agree with, my worry is/was that I would be too tired to drive home safely. So I adked on a local social network page on FB if anyone went regularly etc, but a friend T messaged me saying she fancied it, so as soon as I have my swimming costume, and have spoken to someone about how to keep my peg safe while swimming as I suspect the hole in my tummy may be a inlet for water and I dont think thats advisable. 

Ohhhhh my new rise and recline chair was delivered,  and it’s brilliant its so comfortable and supportive. 

Lastly a mummy brag… K was given a project at school to invent a new product,  a sort of dragins den style thing. He designed a Flip and Flop, a 2 way slipper, ie you can put your foot in the front or back, so you dont need to turn them round to put your feet in. He made one out od cardboard and wrote up the designs etc so I thought it would be nice to actually have a real one. So I made one up for him on my sewing machine. Hes getting an achievement award for all his hard work…how fab is that.

Ive got a busy few days tomorrow I have a speech therapy at the QE then when I get home ii have my nutritionist.  Then Thursday I have to drive to Peterborough for another appointment for my growin thyroid. It is getting bigger and more noticeable but hey ho im sure they will sort it, they will prob need to do a biopsy to check for cancer.

Well its 11.15 at night time for some more meds and bed, although im tempted to stay in my new chair,  it reclines to flat afterall. Decisions decisions lol

Im feeling ok today,  and I even had my hair done and its a really good cut I’m well chuffed,  im now going to attempt a selfie with my tablet in bad light lol


Well thats as good as its going to get lol.

Any way this is me signing off, still smiling, lots of love xxxx

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