My new chair

I ordered my new rise and recline chair from/ argos with the insurance money from the move, which incidently came through really quickly. We were gven £830 so that we could replace the chaìr that was damaged in the move and a few other bits, so we ordered a brown leather rise and recline chair which was 500 quid and we then ordered a new dining table, which we have been thnking abou for a while. The table ìs white  and bare wood which goes wit our other bits, oh and its a 6 seater so we wll have a few spare chars which is a bonus.

Ive been feelng a bit up and down and have slept so so much, but i feel much beter, i briefly popped over to see a friend and give her a argos catalogue as she is a tad excited about he new book lol.  Then went to see another friend on this road who was selling a potty traning book, whch has a reward chart and a story for children in it,  as we are nearig that stage with lttle miss daisy, which in my eyes is crazy – she doesnt seem old enough, but sayiing that i think it will be a while as  doont thk she is ready an theres no way im pushing her, she will do it when shes ready.

In other news in the evening and bed time i have been coughing and choking due to thiçk secreations in my throat, so i cough choke and asperate – its very annoying but a fellow head and neck suvivor suggested steam, so i got a steam cup inhaler thingi, i used it today but possibly for not long enough.

I have also realised i need to get out more – even if is a little walk with the dogs or meetiing up with someone for coffee etč as im dull and the people i know here i dont know that well. So i am going to try ad get to the craft club on the base –  think buttons were menioned and  have los of them. I think it will be a good way to meet new people in a relaxed environment – of course i wll have a freak out before i/go but after then it will be easier.

Today (its after 12) i have an apointment at the QE hospital at 1.30,  im told its easy to find so we shall see what that will be like as i ‘knew’ my other SALT team at peterborough, gettng o know a new team can be hard as they dont know whats normal for me etc and they may have very different ideas of what to do for the best results.. ìm sure I will update

Anyways  am off ťo sleep, im still smiling and  hope you are too.


1 thought on “My new chair”

  1. Hope you enjoy your new chair when it arrives! Glad you got your settlement through quickly. I hope you enjoy your craft group and let us know how it goes. I know how your hospital visit went – spoilers! – hopefully things will improve on that front too. Big hugs xx


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