My last post was my all clear just before christmas, since then, we have had a wonderful christmas, the children were spoilt. We also had a family visit just before christmas, it was my parents and sisters, i cooked a ham and did my famous potatoe salad… oh and i baked some bread, check me out, i did have help from my bread maker and slow cooker though.

The visit was good and for the first time ever I am the same size or there abouts, as my sisters who i openly call skinny lol.


It was really nice and relaxed mum and the girls did the washing up etc which was a grest help, as i was dozing on the sofa. I dont know if i have mentioned my dad before, hes a yorkshire man through and through, with a military man thrown into the mix, hes not one for showing feelingd etc, which for some reason makes my children worship him especially my daughter who recently put a photo of grandad on the fridge and often hugs and kisses it lol. Anyways dad suprised me he wrote something that really choked me up…

Yesterday I drove from Gloucester to RAF Marham to see my daughter Stephanie and my two grandchildren K and D, the usual family safari over Christmas. In the car were A and the other two siblings G and J. What was notable was that after Stephanie had put the dinner on and I was preparing to sleep it off I was struck by the realization that I had all my family together, 3 generations were in one place and I was surprised by the comfort that gave me. It was strange how surprising, fulfilling and reassuring that realization was. As a died-in-the-wool Yorkshireman not prone to sentimental feelings, this realization was a big one.
Hope you all have a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

It was amazing to read.

Then we had christmas and i was throughly spoilt

These are the gifts i got from G, lits of Nivea things as i use it all the time, even on my scars. The second piv is a guardian angel locket.. i havent any pictures as yet but i will. I got G a lovely watch and some clothes.

Ks big gift was an Xbox 360 with kinect, it was a eBay bargain we got back in september and D got a mamas and papas dolls pram, and a ride on tractor both og which were obviously bargains lol. It make christmas extra special if you can get what you want without breaking the bank, dont get me wrong January will still be a skint month lol.

I cooked a christmas dinner with a bit of help

And the end result im told tasted good. image

I hid on the sofa with a bowl of ice cream feeling pretty sorry for my self, remembering past christmass when we all sat together and ate till we couldnt move. It was a odd feeling i was remembering happy times and reflecting on the difference. Realising that making a goal to eat christmss dinner next year may now be beyond me.

That was short lived as before i knew it the children were playing Elefun a daft game where you have nets to catch butterflys which ‘fly’ out of an elephants trunk…

We then lost K for hours to the xbox, which suited me as by then i was exhausted.

Since then we have mainly vegitated and played with the kids toys and everyone else has eaten till they popped lol.

I had a meeting with my nutritionist as im still loosing weight albeit slowly, and the new feed just wasnt working for me, so im back on nutricia and im managing more.

I also saw my peg feeding nurse as the peg needs caring for and i needed a new tip on the tube as the other one was looking a bit old and mucky.

Then yesterday i met my macmillan nurse who is amazing.. she was really easy to talk to and was great with the children. She also want to put me forward to a charity who offer ‘experiances’ like one person loved formula one, they got a family day out and got yo watch the race. Another example is a couple who went on the Orient express, weekends in london and watching a show. You get the picture, now I have to think of something I would really love to do, my first thoughts and something ive longed after is a Gok Wan make over lol Yeah i know its pretty far fetched but that sort of thing.. i thought of a spa pamper day but i dont think my pain would allow. I would love your thoughts on this all ideas welcome.

Still smiling and looking forward to saying goodbye to 2013