So after being tortured with thes ulsers and feeling horrid with them.. i went to the GP monday to see if they could help, she looked and said wow they look sore… I was very good and didnt say what i was thinking ‘no shit sherlock’. She went on to examine my neck and went very quiet.. she asked when i was seeing an oncologist next, i told her Janruary, she said you need to see them asap. She called Mr Moss’ secretary and said she had felt 2 nodes in my neck.. she was very concerned that they were the big C coming back…. i spent the week into limbo.

Today, I saw Mr Moss and his registra who confirmed its no the cancer, I do have a nuroma which is a growth around a traumatised nerve.


We then discussed my mouth sores and they diagnosed a auto immune reaction to radiotherapy damaged tissue in my mouth, so steroids and steroid mouth wash…

Then he suggested a mouth guard to make sure im not damaging the skin and setting off the reaction…




I had a mould of my teeth made for the guard it bloody hurt both inside my mouth and my jaw. But its done and i pick it up on the 10th of jan when i see Mr Moss next.

I saw my nutritionist and since i started my new feed i have lost 12lb. The new feed is not agreeing with me .. it has me rushing to the loo and feeling sick during the night. And last night i had stomach cramps within 10 mins of it being on, so i just turned it off. Not ideal but it was needed. Im going to keep trying for a bit then who knows. Ahhh they wont let me starve lol .

Right im knackered so im off to bed.

Loads of love .. please get in touch i love reading messages.

Still Smiling xxcx