Christmas spirit

So its the 10th of december and we have our tree up, fully decorated by the children.


It may not be as pretty as it could be but the kids are so proud of it.

Im trying to get into the Christmassy spirit so treated myself to a manicure with gel polish. The beautition is mobile so she came to my house which was brill and i have to say its the best manicure I have ever had.


Look at my christmassy snowmen and santa and christmas trees. I had my eyebrows waxed too and she doesnt use ‘normal wax’ i think she said it was Gel based. For anyones local ish I will upload her contact details incase anyone fancies a pamper. 


I have no idea how to make this the right way up lol but it is readable lol.

This year Im desperate to have an amazing christmas and i think I have worked out why im so desperate for this. I think in a messed up way I am trying to ‘make up’ for the shitty last year they all have had. And knowing its not yet over which incidently is pissing me off as we will be reaching a year since i have been ‘well’. But saying all that I am excited to see the kids reactions to what we have got them, we have gone overboard, thankfully we have been real bargain hunters this year and shopped around and even got a few bits secondhand off ebay. Its not like they will notice, so it makes sense in my head to save pennies. Oh and stocking fillers were mostly off ebay, all new but on an auction and i was the only bidder so bargains all round 🙂

I was talking to someone today and mentioned my tag of still smiling, we talked about how smiles are contagious and regardless of how your feeling a smile makes you feel beter, even if it just for a second. I then found this quote and fell in love with it.

A smile can hide so much…Fear, pain, sadness, tears…But then again, they all reflect on one thing. Strength.

This is so so true, and I think we use a smile to hide a thousand things, sometimes you need too look into someones eyes and ask how they really are.

I was trying to thing of something profound to follow the above, but i think it says it all.

Still smiling, thank you for reading.

Mwah xx

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