Tongue Cancer…

The more i speak to people about my cancer the more i hear ‘tongue cancer, oh wow’ it just hasnt entered their thoughts. I guess it hadnt entered mine before my diagnosis.

Since my diagnosis google has become a friend and foe, filled with fantasic advice and horror stories.

Heres some of the good stuff.

The symptoms of tongue cancer may include

red or white patch on the tongue, that will not go away
sore throat that does not go away
sore spot (ulcer) on the tongue that does not go away
Pain when swallowing
Numbness in the mouth that will not go away
Unexplained bleeding from the tongue (that is not caused by biting your tongue or other injury)
Pain in the ear (rare)

My first and only symptom was exactly half of my tongue going numb, it turned out that the cancer had entered a nerve.

Back to now, i was supposed to start my new feed a while ago but i had an upset tum so left it for abit, although my tum isnt any better i must start my new feed sometime so, tonights the night.



This is it my new pump, stand and feed, im told to start it at 35mls per hour which is extreemly slow but should stop me having a bad reaction. .

I will probably update on friday as im seeing Mr Moss my oncologist then. Im a bit concerned as i have made no progress at all in the past month and may have gone slightly backwards in terms of recovery. I guess i will just have to wait and see what he says.

Anyways im signing off for tonight, wish me luck.

Still smiling xx

3 thoughts on “Tongue Cancer…”

  1. Don’t be down on yourself for lack of progress, you’ve been moving house!!
    Hope your new feed goes well and you have a fantastic Christmas in your new home x


  2. Good luck for tomorrow – as to no progress it will have been disguised under all the house move trials and tribulations. You have done so much this past month, so don’t be hard on yourself xx


  3. Hi hun, I just want to reiterate what the ladies have already said, I think you’re coping amazingly well with everything you’ve been through, not just the cancer but with *everything* you’ve been faced with over the years. You’re truly an inspiration to me an probably many others. Don’t beat yourself up over the slow progress, your body has taken a coffee break from recovery in order to concentrate in more immediate things, like moving house!
    Keep smiling chicken, much love. xx


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