Starting to feel like home

We have been in the house for 9 days now, it only feels like a few days, mainly because of the boxes everywhere. D’s room is perfect K’s room is not great especially as when his new bed arrived it had to be sent back due to it being faulty, and his replacement wont be here till the 23rd of Dec. K is having a bad time of it, on top of sleeping on a matress on the floor, his telle was lost in the move. Which for us was a nightmare as we have got him a xbox for christmas.

I wrote about Ks telle on my facebook page and something pretty amazing happened. I recieved a message from a friend who said… We have a TV which we dont need and we would like to give it to you for kieran..
I was blown away by the amazing kindness, and before I knew it she had arranged a courier and its winging it way here. I havent told K as i am going let him open the package so i can see his face.  I am a believer in Karma and genuinly believe my friend will be rewarded for her selfless act of kindness.



I just thought i would add a few pictures the  first is D on Ks bed with the pooches and the second is a pic of my best boy getting his red belt in karate.

I read another blog today the writer also had had cancer and wrote about the fact you will always be a cancer patient. This is so very true, I had to go to the doctors as ive had problems this week with jaw pain meaning i havent been able to open my mouth, so i go to the doc who has a feel of my neck etc and says he thinks i have an infection either in the soft tissue or my spit gland. I have to go back monday to see if theres any improvement. But you see he mentiond feeling swolen glands…. 3 guess for what i am thinking, it never really leaves your thoughts.

As you know im PEG fed and cannot eat other than ice cream, and sips of water. Recently it been annoying me the fact i cant have things i fancy eating.

Since we have moved counties my liquid feed is changing to a different company so a new feed and pump etc.

This week i have had a visit from a nurse to train us on the new pump, its pretty much the same other than its quieter. I also had my new nutritionist visit, shes really nice and the home visits are a bonus. She wants to get me settled on the new feed (which was delivered the other day) then look at my calorie needs etc. Shes also in email contact which is easier than phone calls for obvious reasons . I have decided to start the new feed on monday, just incase it doesnt agree with me. I dont want it to mess up my weekend.

I just want to finish this by thanking every single person who has supported me when im down, and to everyone who has read my blog.

Still smiling xxx

1 thought on “Starting to feel like home”

  1. Glad you are beginning to get settled and things are sorting themselves out. So nice that your friend has given you a tv for Kieran, you’ll have o put a pic on when he opens it 🙂
    I hope your new feed works out okay – must be a bonus to have a quieter pump though. Big hugs xx


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