So, we have moved, the house is great although we had major issues with the removals which i wont go into at the moment as im in the process of making an official complaint.

I have had a text message from my new ‘PEG feeding nurse’ who is coming monday to train me on my new feeding pump which arrived a few days ago.

Unfortunatly as we have moved counties i am going to have change feeds, it will still be ‘1000mls at 1.5kal per ml Energy multi fibre’ but its a different brand, im just hoping thst it agrees with me. I am trying very hard to ensure i have at least 700 mls, to stablise my weight as i now have gone from my heaviest being 18 and a half stone to below 12 stone.

I will also be getting a visit from my nutritionist, my new one who will work out how much feed i need and moan that im not having enough. (I struggle to have enough feed as i put it on at 10 ish when i go to bed, at a speed of 70-90mls per hour i dont finish a full feed by morning. Yes if i had it faster i would finish but unfortunatly it makes me feel sick if its faster)

At the moment im suffering from ulsers again.. thankfully its only a few albeit huge ones, I am nervous i will end up like i did before and have a mouthful and end up im hospital again.

But it could be worse… I have someone very close to my heart who is fighting cancer at the moment. Shes the strongest person i know.