Moving day

So by rights i should be running round like a headless chicken. But insted im in bed writing this…

Well i have almost completly recovered from my last hospital stay with those ulsers and sores on my mouth and throat.

Im still not eating… well not untill i see my speech therapist who happens to be new, my old one is off having a baby.

I think i will see them monthly when i see MrMoss, but saying tha,t if its easier i will get a speech therapist closer.. its quite a important role really, as she is teaching me how to eat without choking and asperating and how to speak more clearly. Thats got to be a burden/ responsibility because if they advise wrong or diagnose problems wrongly …. in theory i may never eat again. Which, incidently i feel is becoming more likely as the choking is the same, and i cannot handle flavours, by which i mean i was cutting up some bacon and tried a bit with the intention of spitting it out… but the flavour burnt my throat and mouth as if it was the most consentrated flavour ever and it was not particularly salty or strong according to others. The same has happened for lots of other foods. Hey ho we shall see.

Its now 10.30 the removals have been here an hour an a half…

Now its time for feet up and leave then to it….



A room noone can get into due to poor box positioning by us…..





And its all going in here


3 thoughts on “Moving day”

  1. Yuk, brings back so many memories of ‘march-outs’. You’re doing absolutely the right thing, by the way – love the trainers! Have you got a little bell to ring when you need to shout instructions to the removals men? (oops a bit sexist there. Sorry, persons)


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