Im back in PCH…. again..

After battling, well not really battling more surendering like a dog with my legs in the air) with what I thought was toncilitus i am in hospital in peterborough. Since 31st

My mouth started filling with ulsers and sores off i went to the doctors who gave me some antibiotics but, either it didnt work or it made it worse,  the end result being the same. I had another doctors appointment with a different doc who took one look at me and said you need to be admitted… she examined me and ordered a non urgent ambulance to drive me in, by which time G had arrived but i kept telling him to go to work. Eventually he agreed to go back then to get me a hospital bag.

So the ambulance arrives its a older one, the ambulance men seemed lovely… my temp was 39.9 my blood pressure was low and my pulse was racing… enough to make this into a blue light trip……. so its a lumpy bumpy ride until… THE AMBULANCE BREAKS DOWN im in the middle of peterborough in an ambulance with no power, they were very apologetic but it made me smile… who else would this happen to….

I get to the hospital and they are waiting 4 me. I have blood tests am put on iv anti biotics and some pain relief.

They think my immune system is really low and i have a virus plus infection so put me on anti virals too. The silver lining of a crappy immune system is having your own room again lol

So ive been here 2 nights and my mouth sores are not getting worse and may even be getting better … im thinking tuesday home but we shall see.

8 thoughts on “Im back in PCH…. again..”

  1. I hope things improve quickly hun, and you get home soon xx Enjoy the peace and quiet in your own room – and try not to break anything else!!


  2. Do you have hand, foot and mouth as its sweeping through Wittering? I’ve had it this week, been really poorly with a mouth full of ulcers. Hope you get well soon x


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