New house and nursery…

So today we went on a  road trip. We visited our new house to check on things and measure what if any adaptions I needed. The guys who were there were fab they could not help enough.

We then drove to Ks bus stop, its going to be a 5 to 10 minute walk on his own… that will be a first, I’ll take time till hes confortable. 

Then to one of my best mates T…. she moved to Marham almost a year ago.It was grest to see her looking so well and her house was beautiful.

I will admit i have zero baringz and without the satnav wouldnt find anything.

We then visited Rainbows, the local nursery and asked to see Dee, who it seems everyone loves. As soon as we walked in we had a good feeling about it. Dee then introduced herself, she seemed lovely. We spoke about how Tara had reccomended the nursery, she knew about her boy F straight away.

We then went to the room that D would be in… it was nap time, for those who needed one, one little lad ran over to Dee and wouldnt let go, this became the theme all of the kids loved her. The room was great, it had everyyhing D loves, we went outside to see an amazing garden with so many activities.

We then went to do the paperwork.. it was a great place and had such a friendly atmosphere.

Im so so glad we have a great place for D i just need to get Ks headmaster to sign a form and i will have the same for K.

A positive day all round..

Lots of smiles

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