It becomes clear.. video inc


A view im getting used to on my way to see Mr Moss, 4 weekly appointment where he checks my general well being and looks at my tongue and the healing whilst checking for rejection which can happen at any time. He then feels my neck looking for swolen lymph nodes.


On my way….


Sat in the waiting room.

So Mr Moss calls me in, i mentioned to him about the soreness ive had in my tongue and the continued stiffness in my jaw. He reassures me that its due to the radiotherapy. He does his tests and is happy with my continuing improvements.

Then i go and see my very pregnant speech and language lady, she measurrs my jaw opening and is a bit conserned about it gets worse. We discuss my physio and i tell her that ive struggled with a few of them. She then produces a yoghert and says she wants to place her hand on my throat whilst i swallow. I try 3 spoons and only cough and choke on the last one we then try water from a cup and i do my usual growly sound to clear my throat. Im told this isnt great as it means some water is literally going down the wrong way and sitting on my larinx. She then gives me some really hard physio… one is place your tongue between ur front teeth, then swallow, i cannot do it so i put my tongue on my hard pallet. The second one is swallow and when you feel your voice box lift up you hold the swallow. … both of these are prooving very hard and im struggling and finding they are leaving my jaw and tongue. But i will keep trying.


All done i get going. To do a little shopping and then go to my next appointment.

My next appointment is in stamford hospital and its an x ray on my pelvis as ive been having a bit of pain.

Then comes saturday 10am ish the phone rings and its a GP from my drs he says my test results are back ( i had a blood tests on tuesday as my tiredness has been extreem i assumed i was anemic, but did ask him to do a thyroid test) anyways he says the results of my thytoid test they are extreemly low and he wants me to start me on medication immediatly, i asked if it will help with my tiredness … he says yes… phew.

So off we go to pick up the meds and head off to macdonalds for a treat the kids, we then head off to sepintine green to get D some new shoes turns out shes now a size 6 so we get her some trainers and some pink sparkly doodles.

G want to go to game so i take K with he into tesco to look at knee high boots and i find a lush pair in black, but the brown are lush too… aaarghhhh G comes back and says no problem ee will just get both!!!!! Oh i am a lucky lady.

We then had Ks portrait done



Im really happy with it and we are going to send him a picture so we can have them both .

Oh and heres my video…

my Video xxx

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