Egg sarni….

What a difference a week makes.. I have had some real success with eating I now have a Weetabix a day and I have been trying los of other things some with success and some were a complete failure but at least I tried ! I have tried an egg sarni and managed a baby bite – it takes for evr and a day to chew as I can swallow any kind of lumps and most of it needs to be washed down with water but I could taste it !!!! 


Today we went to visit family in Milton Keynes – first of all a surprise visit to my Granny, shes not been too well recently so it was extra special, and she was over the moon at the surprise visit, we stayed for a good few hours and the kids loved seeing their 2Granny (a name k started calling her and its stuck, I think its vey cute). We then went to Aunty Barbara’s who was holding an afternoon tea in aid of Macmillan, and wow it was amazing, she had the most beautiful cake stands and cups a saucers and the tea pots I wish I could have taken them home lol. The garden was all decked out with gazebo’s and table and chairs, and there was menu’s and my Uncle Paul came round taking orders it was amazing and there was a collection tin to Macmillan and I really think she will have raised loads which is amazing. While we were there D attached herself to Uncle Paul as she always does he seems to have a way with her. I am shattered now and very sore but I am so glad we went.

I have my check up with Mr Moss at the end of the month and it may just be paranoia but I am worrying about a swelling on my neck, its around where your thyroid is so its probably that but I guess this is going to be my norm now, every lump or bump I will be convinced its back. Ive spoken to some people on the Macmillan website and it seems that this is totally normal and many people feel that way.

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