Ups and downs

This was definatly a positive day – G and his team recieved a comondation – it was such a hot day – and they decided to do the presentation outside! I was cooking but it was really nice – there was a small “drinks” thing afterwards but i just could not manage so we left early but I dont think G minded as he was cooking in his uniform.

Otherwise i have been OK – which i type with my fingers crossed – like the title says – ups and downs – i have just found out that one of my meds is quite possibly causing this bout of extreem tiredness, when the doc called yesterday – i couldnt speak to her for crying – for the past few weeks i have gone to bed anywhere between 7 and 9 and slept through (unless my tummy issues have woken me ), i have then gone back to bed some days –

Its the summer holidays at the moment – and i hate them – they are so bloody lonley – in school times you see people around at the school gates in the play ground .. but i havent seen a soul and with K being away I have myself for company and I am now aware why i do not have a milllion friends – i am boring !!! So the sewing machine is coming out again – i need to stay awake and to keep busy

1 thought on “Ups and downs”

  1. Honey, you are not boring, and you do have a lot of friends! Hopefully changing that particular med will help with your tiredness, and how you are feeling at the moment. The holidays are a toughy for a lot of people, but I don’t see people at the school gate anymore as K is too old! See if you can get a craft meeting sorted where kids are welcome one morning at yours to fend off the boredom a bit – or phone me?!


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