I am feeling a bit better after my last post ,yesterday G convinced me to go out and do a bit of shopping – as I’m still losing weight – albeit a lot slower I needed get measured for some bra’s – thank you John Lewis’s … I was ready to go home after that but G suggested I get the shoes I needed to go with my dress and he chose some spotty ones which will match my crutches nicely. My god I hope I am not the only wife there. I will look like a right tit.

I spoke to my mum yesterday just prior to my last post. She told my gran how I was feeling I think as she called this afternoon and within the usual grandma chitchat  she shared her experience of radiotherapy and the tiredness that makes you feel like utter shite. She had me in tears in a good way –

Now heres something really stupid and will probably end in tears .. im applying for a job- its very part time 20 hours a week ..  I am going to apply as I will regret it if I didn’t and lets face it I haven’t worked in a long time and I am going to be completely honest ref my situation – so we shall see 


and today i say my Macmillan nurse and she always makes me smile