I cant recall if I have mentioned the adorable Mrs T, an old lady in the bed opposite.. I had my first experience of Mrs T was a older lady who was wheeled in, as this happened she says in the MOST fantastical English accent “ohh yes, this will do, much cleaner than the last one” she then turned smiled a smile reserved to Grannies.  It turns out she was in exactly the same place … it was 1 bed difference, love her.

Mrs T is visited daily by various smartly dressed family who are equally lovely, she is a getting a bit deaf so you hear all sorts my most recent funny was when  the newspaper came around she was asking the volunteer what newspapers were available, he read alout a long list. Her reply so the last two, they dont have prostitutes in do they… the poor man had no.idea what she say, he practically read her all titles … she was so deadly serious love her, I just laughed and gestured to give her the paper, so he does and asks for the payment … stumbling she realises she has no cash so pay till her lovely daughter pops in lol love her.

And today for the ward …


I think it was her neice who came today, she on orders handed cake to various people in the ward, including myself, I did decline with a PEG feeding explanation but she asked if my “sweetheart husband” might like some… so its wrapped up in the fridge.

I hope onday when I am eating I can have cake with her.

Well thats my brain empty I should sleep, probably bout cake thank you Mrs T