So frustrating

FRIDAY I came in for radiotherapy feeling a little worse than I had let on, beinf sick and feeking wobbly and dizzy. But after the Thursdays issues over my mouth bite, where I could not get my mouth wide enough.

Anyways I showed up, sick jug in hand and amost immediately was taken round to see the doc. Who happend to have been doc sideburns number 2. When asked showed him myburns, told him about my dizziness and dehydration, oh and being unable to use my mouthpiece for treatment. HE decided I.needed admission again.



As u can see the burns are pretty shiity, and omg do they hurt.


This is my new toy. A infusion of a anti sickness med called nozinan … well its something like that. Anyways, given that at one point I couldn’t sit up without vomiting its works a treat. It looks and feels like a safety pin being pushed into my arm to start with but, then it just leaves the plastic bit in its great, I just have over shoulder bag or belly belt.

I can’t recall what I updated about my sister and my swimming, SHE DID FAB. she placed somewhere in the middle which given this was her first swim. She, came down for half term week to help with k, who she has something special with. Dont tell her this but I wouldn’t be suprised if hers is the first number in his, first mobile. But I like that in the past he’s called just to say love you jo….

Then on Friday she offered to stay the weekend just to help out after I was admitted, she mentioned her work were a very family orientated place, I wont name, but please pass on our heartfelt thanks.

Last week j took k back to the sea life centre, J loved the fact that the manager not only recognised my gorgeous boy, but heard J mention me she sent her love and well wishes. She reads this whdn shs getdr chance.

Back to whats going on now.

Saw doctors yesterday im staying in till im finished treatment which was friday. Now Monday…

Gutted about delay but the wards ok, and the house keeper lady is so lovely.

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