Dr sideburns….

Soo 21 down….. 9 to go athought I woke up feeling rotten, im told this now to be the norm, so time to take some man up juice.

As soon as we walked into the machine room, she asked how I was, I think I replied Meh…. I got in the table struggled to use the mouth peice due to jaw stiffness and pain but I was bloody minded and did it… lol.

During the first part on my treatment, the scan, I started choking so in they ran an unhooked me from my mask etc, we managed to carry on, and finally we finished the session.

I put my scarfs back on ( hides by bald bits and scars ) and get told Dr Benson aka doc sideburns was there to see me. I think they could tell I was struggling.

So off we trott down the mega long corridor


And wait to see Doc sideburns. Ive seen him twice before, once was the immediate aftermath of, ” its in your nodes as well” so remember nothing of that, well nothing apart from his sideburns. Then we had an appointment to recap of the first treatment as we didnt remember anything. Anyways today he jigged around with my meds ( yes that’s official medical terminology) and told me to stop worrying about taking my morphine as my pain warrants it. Which I know but theres the stigma attached, well im my head there is. So I now I will hopefully be more comfortable.

As my next treatment isnt till 5 I headed over to thr Wallace centre, thinking I would just chill and relax as I hadn’t booked onto anything, I havent managed to book one of the treatments yet and could really do with a massage.

On thst note by chance there was a lady here from the british red cross offering hand massages.. and I had one, well one and  a half, and it was lovely. Very relaxing.

I met a lady too, she was lovely had cancer too but for personal reasons wasnt receiving treatments, I believe she was going down the holistic route. The way she explained it, made sense and shr emphasized it was simply her choice and didnt want to appear as if pushing it in people. But she wasn’t, I just think she was brave and strong and so lovely…

The centre is very quiet today just me relaxing so I took the opportunity to take some pictures.   


The sofa I fell asleep on lol


Community use kitchen…

HOW DID I FORGET to tell you, yesterday I was GIVEN a rise and recline chair…. its something ive always looked at but they are too expensive… and my friend Sara messaged me and offered it, and her lovely hubby delivered it… heres ne testing it out… see if you can spot me lol


Its soo comfortable..

Signing off with a relaxed smile

1 thought on “Dr sideburns….”

  1. It’s nice to hear that you have had an opportunity to relax for a bit today, and your rise and recline looks fabby! I want one!! Are you sure it’s you under there??


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