Im back

Ive had a rough week and haver pretty much slep and havent had the concentration span to write. 11 therapys left and they are getting tough the pain is kicking in big time although my medication is doing its this to some degree, but its the brain fog and tiredness thats killing me.. Its like I am not in the room, my mind wonders and im not able to concentrate. Its a hard one as it apprears your being distant, thankfully G can tell when i am exhausted or in pain and is great.


I was at Radiotherapy on wednesday for a double, it was a catch up from my surgery day, First one was at 10ish and second at 5ish – so i went downt to the wallace cancer care centre.. the offer alternative therapies and a place to just relax. I met a lady who had had radiotherapy to her mouth and neck too and “got it” she looked well and her speech was perfect and from what she was saying her taste started returning afer 6 weeks and then began a very long road, she said one thing which was a worry well more of a concern, she said she lost even more weight after the radiotherapy had finished, i mean yayy i’m a size 16 now, would love to be a 14, but i would like to maintain for a bit as im loosing albeit slowly constantly. This lady was back having radiotherapy oh a different area this tiem and is staying in the flats which are provided by the hospital. We did enter into a big convosation about the how much easier things are when staying in these, flats, she lives an hour away from the hospital, like me. It saves on 2 hours traveling a day, which we both agree’d is knackering – it gave me food for thought. But G made a good point, what if i had a fall who would be there to help etc ..

Anyways she then went into her massage and i chilled out on the sofa, waking up an hour later lol …. here a link to the place anyways      Maggies / wallace centre


Last night following the double my face was in fire, it was bright red and blotchy and red hot, and bloody hell was it sore thankfully some aloe vera some meds and some sleep and i was vaguely human again.


Ohhhh you remember that porter i mentioned the lady, i saw her again today she was sooo lovely and could see a huge difference in me from when i went in 2 weeks ago – at the time of writing i could not remember her name shes Vanessa. An absolute star, clearly cares, loves her job and wears a smile always.



My sister is doing a mad mad thing to raise money for cancer research UK .. please please have a look … My sisters page



signing off for now


lots of loves and smiles



1 thought on “Im back”

  1. Hiya. I can’t believe that you are over half way through and on the count down now of all this horrible treatment! It must have been great to talk to someone who knew exactly what you were going through, and that centre sounds great. Your sister’s page is fab – and she has met her target already! I bet it’s going to be cold!! Big. big hugs and hope to see you again soon xx


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