Operation day..

I wrote this as it happened throughout the day

8am, no meds as I am nill by peg, this worries me more than the op at this point, for two reasons sicknes and pain. Ive been told the operation isnt till the afternoon. Im guessing  I still need to see the anesthetics blokee…

Anesthetic blokee is a small asian woman in tweed lol… she says that her preference is a nerve block, a epidural for my arm. It means I will be awake. I did say I was worried about freaking out, but was told its like when I had the kids but without the baby lol beep beep beep her bleeper goes off. She disappears then comes back she tells me I’m now not in here theatre and another anesthetic blokee will be round.
I must agree with her preference it seems safer ie no breathing tubes but I am freaking out slightly. Heyho its only one opinion we shall see what the other one thinks .

So the next one is a bloke. He pitches up asks the usual questions. I choose not to mention the other opinion as I want to know his. He wants to knock me out but speaks of a possibility of having to put the tube down whilst I am still awake via a fiber optic umermajig.

Bollox which sounds better…. fiber optic umermajig or veing wide awake argggghhhhh…

10.30 G shows up hes in the good books because I received this txt last night.

I mean wow how amazing is that, its made out of yorkies with honey comb… they are my most favorite thing in the world. Anyways me n g have a chat n giggle.
Im then told to have a shower with this ‘anti infection’ body wash.

Whilst in the shower washing my hair I noticed clumps of hair in my hands …. I think its massively thinned out rather than left bald spots … it was quite a shock though..

Then on with my schexxy hospital gown and even schexier socks.

Then im collected by a member if the theatre staff to go to theater.. im wheeled into the anesthetics room, expecting to see the blokee…. nope its the lady… my head races, I was expecting to be knocked out, all psyched up and I have to get my head round injections and being awake.

I get a local injection in my armpit which smarts then 3 or 4 deep injections into nerves, to numb the arm. I get taken to theater where drapes are put up so I cant see anything. I feel tugging, hear snipping and need a small local anaesthetic top up. Then the skin graft is taken….. imagine this, your at quick fit, that noise of the air gun used to remove the nuts, keep that sound add extreem pressure on your arm, and your right there with me…. after that it was dressings and a backslab.

Off I went to recovery for ten minutes then back to the ward


See still smiling

4 thoughts on “Operation day..”

  1. You look great after such an eventful day. I hope that’s the arm fixed now and it will be strong enough to hold all those choccy bars!! Speak soon xxx


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