So after a mammoth nap completely ruining my hair, making me look more sideshow Bob, than sexy siren, which at best is a stretch.

So I see  Dr Abreo, hes the one who last week said my ‘arm tounge’ was, and I quote ‘awesome’. Hes a funny guy actually, at the last appointment with plastics, we were trying to think who he looked like out of a film, he attempted to help us, he rattled off random (albeit good looking) black men including Will Smith, (hes who is soo on my list) which he looks nothing like… I think he was just fishing for a complement, instead he had me laughing my head off, there was snorting n everything, lol thankfully hes got a great sense of humour …

Anyways today he pitches up with a concent form for tomorrows operation, saying they are trying to get a mesh thingi which goes under a skin graft it strengthens healing and will protect my tendon. All good. Then the what might happens… bleeding, infection, pain, OK no problems there, CRP its not crap spelt wrong, its chronic regional pain… which is cos they will have messed around with it lots. But I told him this… ‘ you realise it has to go right this time… I have sewing to do’ he points at my arm and says me too …. lol


We then played noughts and crosses lol

Im feeling ok the pain in my mouth is terrible its like having had the first few layers of skin stripped away from my mouth, with big sores to boot.. but thus far im still smiling.

I had my belly laugh today too, a nurse changed my dressing and all was good except she asked that bloody stupid question… ‘does it hurt’ I squeked ‘have you seen it, of course it bloody hurts’ she laughed her head off… she then cleaned the wound. I said ‘ look’ and I moved my hand causing my tendon to move, she squeeked…. then laughed an amazingly contagious laugh… still laughin she tried to tell me how gross it was, but she was laughing so I was happy. I love making people laugh and smile.

Above was today’s nurse with the contagious laugh. And below this is the night team. Who I will probably see alot of as my fluids and feed must stop at 2am in.prep for surgery.


I took this pic during handover.

Im feeling really positive this evening, I spoke to the kids and to g and generally im feeling ok so smiles all round.

Oh and I met a lady in the bed opposite, shes lovely, suffers from nausea terribly and her cancer is being managed rather than cured, but from what I’ve seen it won’t be stopping her, she has long dark hair with a bright pink bit, now I wish I had the guts I would love a purple strip or 2 in my hair, proper purple. But who would I get to do it ? Food for thought

Loads and loads of happy smiles, loves and hugs.