On form causing havoc

So after a rocky night I wake up to the now familiar sound of someone puking, oh the joys of oncology.

I have a play on my phone and on facebook, not alot going on except one status which caught my eye was my friend heather which said along the lines of I must stop with these spur of the moment decisions, it takes me out of my confort zone….. I replied asking what she meant but insted of replying by typing she showed up in person ….. amazing… we had a right giggle then it was time for, ‘my porter’ yes I did write that but I havent had any others…. anyways shes got the same sence of humour so while we waited for me to be unhooked we laughed, I asked heather if she wanted to come down with me to see whzt went on etc… little did I know it was going to be so eventful lol

So I sit like the queen of sheeba getting wheeled to my appointment. Whilst Heather is having to walk, thankfully the porter who’s name I must ask,  took it slow for H.

Anyways we are down at radiotherapy for a good 5 minutes before I went in which gave H chance to get a cold drink.

We then went in very much with a same old same old type attitude. Well that  wasn’t to be…. I put the mouth piece in as best I can and then the mask, I have my initial ‘match up’ scan…. during this my throat felt raspy on breathin I had to stop the scan by waving madly… H’s view point was different, ‘aww look shez waving, oh look everyones running in to see her…..’ I had to have the mask taken.of to have a huge cough…

Take two, scan went well started treatment ‘nearly there 2 minutes to go’ I blink and bamb im being pulled out…. power cut….. and a complete system restart needed all the while im on that metal slab…
You couldnt make this shit up …

Take 3 scan went well and treatment started from the 2 minutes left point and thankfully it completes.

We make our way back to the ward the porter and I blaming H all the while, aling thd lines of she isnt coming again.

H had to make a move but it was fab to see her.

I then had a shower and my arm was wrapped up

In a bloody apron lol….. I was so concerned about the bloody silly apron I got my bad arm wet….

Awaiting a dressing change…

Anyways ive now met a few of the ladies from the ward and everyone seems lovely, and noone is a snorer, unless its me in which case tough titty lol

Signing off smiles loves and hugs especially to h who made my day. X

3 thoughts on “On form causing havoc”

  1. Was great to see you today – and I got home in one piece!! I hope I didn’t wear you out too much, but you should have said that you wanted your arm washed before I left and I could have chucked that cup of water over it! I can’t believe you broke the machine and then blamed it on me!! The cheek of it!!
    I hope you got some sleep this afternoon – I know I had a nap once I got home!! 🙂 Big hugs for tomorrow, and don’t forget to ask G his question……!!


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