Onto my second night on oncology ward D9

I’ve actually had quite a busy  day, I had a porter take me down to maxfax for an appointment, they looked in my mouth and confirmed what we knew yesterday but added he wanted to take out a wisdom tooth aswell. Hes booked me in for Then g showed up and we chilled and had a cuddle. 

I had my radiotherapy which was a mare because of not being able to.open my mouvh wide enough for the mouth piece. It ended up with my mouth bleeding a bit. But could have been worse.

I then found out that operation on thursday is a go…. so im staying in till then.


Fun times all hooked up again ..


Swelling update…

Anyways overall im feeling much better. I’ve asked g not to come in tomorrow, his works been great but I dont want to take the piss… so visitors welcome… addenbrookes d9.

Smiles hugs n kisses

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