Radiotherapy 8 & 9 today

Sorry for the lack of Posts l have been feeling rotten.

lstill have My sickness albeit undercontrol now, but its the tiredness. That isgetting to me, lsleep in the car on the way to radiotherapy (its just over an hour in the car, get here have my treatment and often Sleep on thewayhome.

On monday larded up at the out of hours doctors due to mouth Pain. they were great actually, l had visions ofthem saying tough titty its just par for the course. But in fact they gave me sonethingcthat helped and things have improved.

Radiother apy is going well, well as well as can be expected. butl feel we have now got a bit of a routine . l know the staff and theyknow me.

l use machine 3 or 4 but for the last few days one or notn have been broken at one point in the day Im wondering  is indeed its code for lunch hour. Yesterday.lwent in and for the first time l had an all male team, and what, make was playing? SpiceGirls. Cue two very embarrased men, When l complimented them on their music Choice lol.

Today is catch up day first treatment 9,05 then one at 4, because l had one Bank holiday off.

After the first treatment we got the ‘suiside’ bus alsoknown as the courtsey bus, but the driver is lively, to Say the least.
we went to Wallace house, its aplacefir cancer patients to go and hide they also oife holistic therapies. or just a relaxed cup of tea its geat.

l want to take this opertunity to thank Hollie who raised £180 fo put towads Child care or petrol etc. A few days ago l logged onto my paypal tofind it had been transfered. we, have immedially Put it aside for after School club for my best boy . love you hollie. 

well l am writing this while waiting for dose 2 today.

Lots of happy, albeit sore smiles.

3 thoughts on “Radiotherapy 8 & 9 today”

  1. Can I go and hide there too, could do with a nice cup of tea and some holistic treatments!! Hope your pains better soon x x x x


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