So the other day i was in the waiting room and it was all doom and gloom (as one might expect of a radiotherapy waiting room), made worse but a delay of up to an hour  – but I was having none of it…


I looked around the room – lady with headscarf, man with very protective wife, man with surfer/ free sprit  type son, old man on own drinking fortisip .. (a meal replacemt they seem to like giving to cancer patients its bloody orrible

Next to me i had man – son was across from me … I do the usual “Is it you having treatment…. ” ” yep but Im a lucky one is just a precaution really – all my lump was taken away .. ” we chat away and while we do the general mood in the room gets worse …..

I wasnt having that, the lad from reception comes over and starting filling up cups of water from the water cooler and i say in my loudest voice  “Yayyyyy the drink are on you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he laughs and we laugh ” the poor bugger then ends up taking orders lol .. albeit from a water cooler .. he jokes about how its the cheapest round hes ever bought !! people were laughing though so it was worth it !!

I then say to the man next to me loud enough for everyone to hear … “I have have a plan…. we all run in when we get called jump on the beds and tag team out we will get through the back log in no time” “deal” a few say “im in” i hear from behind me !! ……………………..

The man gets called in,  RUN i say,  hes said “i will be quick i promise !!!!” (we have no control obvioulsy )

So his son is now closer to me and to kill time we design the oncology race” we realise we will never be in the olympics and lets face its never in the paralimpcs but i have plans for vest and battons maybe chemo verses radio??????


Everyone in the room can hear my ramblings with this poor man who the whole time is playing with his goatee thing on his chin, possibly signalling in secret goateee speak “SAVE ME FROM CRAZY LADY” but i didnt care people were laughing and smiling and i manage to say “LAUGH TILL YOUR BELLY HURTS .. THEN JUST A LITTLE MORE .. ”  more than once….



so i may be struggling sith aweful sickness and looking weight but im smiling and making people smile


6 thoughts on “ONCOLOGY RACES”

  1. glad you’re able to smile and make others smile. fantastic news about your downgrade to t1 too 🙂 yup kick cancers ARSE xxx


  2. You are so brilliant with my Mother! You are a wonderful breath of fresh air for D9 . Inspirational, positive and amazing..


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