Quick update first radiotherapy with a twist

So I haven’t posted much over the weird but that was due to sickness and generally feeling crap.

So last night I change my arm feeding as per instructions and it looks terrible you can clearly see the tendon and there’s a lot if gunk….  So diet thing u go to doctors who say go to addenbrookes early and speak to radiotherapy and ask them to contact  plastics… So that’s what I did, they send us up to plastics, we wait for ever and then see doc bald head (no not hot black doc). He says we’re admitting you and you need at least one if not 2 operations….. Go for radiotherapy and come back……

So I do ….



This awaits me…. It all took 20 minutes and was relatively painless other than mask squeeze….


The team we’re lovely tho and explained everything really well.

Now I’m up in plastics awaiting admission. I will update later but poss fb first..

my Facebook page

Oh n the man in waiting room is looking at ME funny could be waffle iron head.. But I think he fancies me…… Paaaaaaahaha   (he’s about 90 lol )

Still smiling

1 thought on “Quick update first radiotherapy with a twist”

  1. Glad the first one wwent well, at least you know what to expect next time. Hope you don’t need admitting re arm – one thing you could really do without!!


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