Last big outing before I start radiotherapy monday !!!

So we look the children out of school for the day, as we could take them out and it wouldn’t be too busy, as that’s no good for both D and me.


We decided on Hunstanton and what a fab choice. we had a fab day and I cannot praise Sealife enough WOW they were ace – in passing i said to the chap in the cafe – the kids were off as i was starting my treatment monday.. he went and told another member of staff and they offered us a free family pass when im better and wants mr to keep in touch.. oh and i got a HUGE hug – they were amazing !



I found him




A giant turtle – it was beautiful  would have sat there all day !! but off we went for a walk






I was so warm and lovely the kids had a blast and i was a happy bunny as was G we even went to the 2penny slot machines and it was brilliant they are the best thing about the seaside !!






So today was speech therapy and rad review – we had out driver take us which was very odd but fab and she was lovely – especially as i wasnt feeling great, coz of that sickness thingi.

we went in to see my speech therapist and shes lovely she was one the ladies who taught me to swallow again.. She did the rad review to save us traipsing round the hospital …

the physical side effects

  • Mouth literally full of blisters and ulcers (mucosis ??)
  • No saliver or if any it will be extremely thick and hard to manage
  • i will have alot of pain as i will have the inside of my throat cooked therefore will blister etc
  • sunburnt skin
  • effects will get worse as time goes on

Now i knew this but she really laid it on thick and as i know her pretty well i believe her.. she kept saying how rough its going to be and i cried a few time especially as i found out my speech and swallow may suffer – even if only temporary .. ive worked so hard.

  • Any ways this is her shes fab


This evening i picked up my glasses and i LOVE THEM



amd i made this – althought i going to redo with a white back ground



I was always starting RT on teh 29th which was ages away now its monday and im scared – there you go i have said it – more scared than the surgery !!!  i just need to start and i will be ok


wonky smiles as i have a friend coming over

1 thought on “Last big outing before I start radiotherapy monday !!!”

  1. Glad you had a good day Hun, the Sealife centre sound as if they really looked after you. Have you thought about my ‘spit in a can’?? I can bring some over for you when you need it. Try not to think only of the side effects – but if it does that to you when it’s not aiming directly, imagine what it does to the cancer?! None of your speech therapy has been wasted as it will all stand you in good stead for when your ulcers and everything disappear. You have a great team of docs around you, and a great circle of friends too xx


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