Busy day, and plans for the morning


This is the breakfast if a person with cancer…. All to go through my PEG.

I’ve had a good day today not done a huge amount, went to the thrift shop, which is like a second had shop you take your stuff down and when sold you get 80% of the money… It’s all nice stuff from toys to books to prams to ball gowns, all ready to be reloved.

I got myself a long skirt for a decayed and got Kieran some shorts.. I went over with E, and was great to get out.

I then had a local lady help me out with some cleaning as I struggle a bit. Then my nurse for dressing my arm, which is looking a bit worse a bit gunky, and then I had physio, with the physio we discussed my possible EDS as I have hypermobility syndrome but all good nothing scary just tiring so fell asleep lol

G was back st work today, I really think it will do him some good he’s been off for ages. And yes his works been ace I do worry the will think we revealing the piss.


We are going to hunstanton beach and aquarium, Webster taking the kids out of school and we are gonna make a day of it. I’m really looking forward to a proper family day and even if it’s pissing it down, I’m having icecream lol

I’m still stuffing with, I’m not feeling ill yet this radio therapy will make me sick, I’ve just had whopping surgery and now this, it’s messing with my head more than.img.letting on… I’m dressing THE MASK


I’m dreading the travelling the sickness the burnt skin the pain … Oh winge winge winge, it could be worse I know.

Smiling on the outside but happy about tomorrow ..

Nunnight my lovelies x

2 thoughts on “Busy day, and plans for the morning”

  1. Hope you have a great day today – the weather is lovely here 🙂 Don’t come back without any chocolate willies from the sweetie shop at the end of the promenade – I’m sure you’ll be able to manage a few of those 😛


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